Why is Hotel elevator Better?

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Running a hospitality business is a challenging task. To smoothly run operations there are various factors that you must take into consideration. The mobility of the guests around your hotel is one of the key features of its architecture and interior design. If you are a multi-story hotel, the best you can improve the mobility around your hotel is by installing the highest quality elevators, customized according to the interior and architecture of your hotel.

Investing in Hotel lift services not only improves the efficiency of your operations but also gives your guests the feeling of being inside a luxury, modern and lavish hotel.

Hotel Lift

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Hotel Lift

If you are looking for more reasons to invest in hotel lifts, here are your key inspirations:

  1. Improve Hospitality

The second your guests enter your hotel; they interact with every element and feature of the place. Whether it is the furniture, the walkways, the corridors, the stairs, or the elevator; every bit of design plays an important role in determining how well the guests engage with your services. Hotel lift services are necessary these days to ensure that guests have seamless access to different parts of the hotels. Elderly guests, guests with disabilities, and guests with young children may not prefer using the stairs, and hotels are a great way to accommodate and ease their movement across the hotel.

  1. Efficiency of Employees

Hotel lifts are essential to ensure that employees can move faster, and deliver room service in a timely and organized manner. This is also true for any emergency service that your guests may need. When the operations side of the hotel are smooth and seamless, your employees can focus on the hospitality and guest experience. This also helps hotel managers to keep all departments streamlined, maximize efficiency, and personalize the experience of their guests.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The primary reason why hotel lifts are important for your hospitality business is that it helps gain the satisfaction and loyalty of your customer. How organized your operations are in the hotel plays a significant role in defining the comfort and happiness of your customer. A prompt and efficient team, seamless movement across floors, and safe and efficient walkways are the key aspects of a hotel business. using advanced elevator technology that has improved safety features allows your customer to feel secure and well taken care of in your hotel.

  1. More Security

Elevators and safety, how is that related? Surprisingly, modern elevators play a significant role in keeping the guests safe through their journey across the hotel. Modern elevators have advanced technology, CCTV cameras, security alarms, and emergency numbers that ensure your guest’s safety throughout their ride. This also helps the managers keep track of employees and other non-guests who might be prying through the private room areas of the hotel.

  1. Better Design

Elevator designs have advanced drastically over the years. From the traditional metal box bodies to versatile panoramic lifts, the designs have truly taken over the ambiance of the hotel. Panoramic lifts are becoming an essential addition to the hotel industry, captivating the mesmerizing surround views of that can be accessed in 360 views. With new and modern fixtures, lights, media screens, and technology you can make the elevator experience of your hotel a truly exceptional one. There are many hotel lift services that custom design the lifts according to the interior and architectural requirements of your hotel. Changes in the capacity, design, weight, view, and colors of the elevator can truly magnify the experience of your guests and improve the overall satisfaction of your customer.

Hotel Lift

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Hotel Lift

How to Improve Efficiency?

Elevators come in a variety of styles with various features that suits the needs of your hotel. If you are busy hotel with high footfall throughout the day, you may consider investing in a high-power and high-capacity elevator that can lift up 10-12 people at the same time through floors. This prevents bottlenecks in hallways and corridors, ensuring that new guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Another way you can use elevators to improve efficiency is by dedicating lifts to staff and guests. The guests lift should not be utilized by the staff to ensure seamless operations and environment in the elevators. Advanced lifts come with all the security systems and access cards that diminish the need for an elevator operator. Gone are the days when elevators were run by operators. The modern technology in elevators has all the right technology that makes it automated, seamless, and secure for your guests. If you are looking for a high-quality service provider for hotel lifts, check the easymovelift. They personalize your guest experience and make it a truly exceptional one. Have your guests come back for more and longer stays at your hotel with an unparallel elevator vibe.

Passenger elevators are a must for any large scale hotel. By providing guests with a simple means to travel from one floor to another without having to descend, they serve to enhance the overall experience. A hotel lift can improve the effectiveness and customer service of your company’s operations.

An autonomous vertical transportation system that connects floors is known as a hotel lift. It is a useful method for facilitating people’s quick and secure access to several floors inside a single building or structure.

Hotel lifts include synchronised safety features that make them secure for usage by the general public. The seamless and silent working of these cutting-edge technology adds to the sumptuous feel of the ride.

But where to start with hotel lifts? What type of lift should you choose? What are the different hotel elevator car sizes? We’re here to answer these important hotel elevator questions.

Types of hotel lift

The range of applications for the various lift system types in the hotel business, from luxury hotels to boutique hotels, is extensive. 

General elevator systems are not always the same as hotel lifts. They tend to be more expensive since they need to bear heavy weight and strain. You must choose the appropriate kind of system for your needs when choosing a hotel lift.

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The two most widely used lift systems are as follows:

  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Electric MRL (Machine-room less) Lifts

Due to a sharp increase in tourists who value comfort when travelling, there is a growing need for lifts in hotels. These lifts are situated in a visible area of the hotel for easy access by all guests.

Panoramic lifts

Additionally, you can add a panoramic lift to your hotel. A panoramic lift is a style of lift with a sizable ‘panoramic’ window that offers tourists a thorough view of the city and lets occupants take in the environment.

People can now enjoy taking in the view from buildings’ upper floors thanks to modern technologies. Tourists who want to witness more breathtaking views outside their windows will find the panoramic elevator to be of great convenience.

Service elevators

Although hotel service lifts and goods lifts are sometimes confused, there are a number of key differences between the two:

Hotel service lifts are upgraded passenger lifts that are typically seen in buildings reserved for employees.

Like the spacious lifts in the hospital or the lifts utilised by the hotel room department workers. These lifts need to be spacious and deep enough to accommodate bulky goods like mattresses.

The hotel service elevator lets employees move around and transport goods quickly without disturbing guests or visitors.

Your hotel lift size guide 

What is the right cab size?

A typical guest lift has a lift cab that is 6′-8″ x 5′-5″ in size. However, as part of their brand standards, each franchise will have different minimum sizes.

What is the right lift capacity?

3,000–4,000 pounds is the typical weight limit for hotel lifts. The minimum capacity requirements are part of the brand criteria for many of the major hotel chains.

What are the benefits of installing a lift in a hotel?

Installing lifts in a hotel is essential for meeting access requirements as well as improving the overall experience for your customers. Installing more than one lift will also decrease the wait times for your customers travelling to their room. 

Even more benefits of hotel lifts include:

  • Improved functional efficiency
  • Greater safety & security
  • Enhanced hospitality.

Functional efficiency

Hotel lifts are necessary for personnel to move quickly and deliver room service in a timely and organised manner. This also applies to any emergency services that your guests may require. 

When the hotel’s operations are efficient and fluid, your workers can focus on hospitality and the guest experience. This also assists hotel administrators in streamlining all departments, increasing efficiency, and personalising the visitor experience.

A lift’s key advantage is that it is quick, efficient and a simple operation!


What is the relationship between lifts and safety? Surprisingly, modern lifts play an important part in keeping visitors safe as they travel throughout the hotel. Modern lifts are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, CCTV cameras, security alarms and emergency phone numbers to assure your guests’ safety throughout their trip.

This also helps managers in keeping track of employees and other non-guests who may be intruding on the hotel’s private room spaces.


Your customers interact with every piece and feature of your hotel the moment they walk in. 

Whether it’s the furniture, the walkways, the corridors, the stairs, or the lift, every aspect of design influences how successfully clients engage with your offerings. Hotel lift services are now required to ensure that guests have seamless access to various areas of the hotels.

Hotels are a terrific method to accommodate and simplify the movement of elderly guests, guests with impairments, and guests with young children who may not choose to use the stairs.

Looking for a modern hotel lift installation?

Elevators are available in a range of styles and functions to meet the needs of your hotel. 

If you own a popular hotel with significant foot traffic throughout the day, you should consider investing in a high-capacity lift that can lift 10-12 people at once through floors. This avoids bottlenecks in halls and corridors, making new guests feel welcome and at ease.

At Future Lift Services, we can offer a thoroughly personalised experience and try and incorporate your brand into our lift installations and lift modernisation.

We take pride in installing one-of-a-kind lifts that perfectly capture the individuality of the building and its people because we think that a great hotel lobby design should do the same.

Our team of skilled and experienced lift engineers can provide you advice on how to install or update a lift to meet your needs and create the aesthetic you want.

Contact us today to find out more about our services or to book a free consultation!

Hotel Lifts FAQs

Do hotels have elevators?

The most popular type of hotel lift is the passenger lift, which is used to move guests from one floor to another. They often have a sleek style and are outfitted with safety elements to assure hotel guests’ comfort and security.

Which type of lift is used in hotels?

When choosing a hotel lift, you must consider your needs and choose the appropriate system. Hydraulic lifts and Electric MRL (Machine-room less) lifts are the two most frequent types of lift systems.

How many elevators do you need in a hotel?

Most hotels should have one lift for every 75 – 80 rooms. Even if your hotel is only two levels, an elevator is required for access laws. It is recommended that a lift be installed every four storeys. 

Why is Hotel elevator Better?

A Guide To Hotel Lifts: Sizes, Types & How To Choose

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