Elecpins manages the sale of household appliances, TV, telephony, and much more, providing the following and timely assistance to our customers. For more than ten years we have been part of a large international purchasing group: this allows us price competition, to stay updated in a constantly evolving market and to recommend to our customers the best solutions based on their needs.

Constant Innovation
Elecpins has changed continuously: as a young E-commerce launched online in 2004, it operated in the consumer electronics sector, offering small and large consumer electronics from the most prestigious and innovative brands on the market. Our experience and knowledge of the sector are unmatched. We aim to be the point of reference for our customers for the supply of all consumer electronics and smart electronics.

The project quickly evolved by expanding the various categories to include new products: Technology, innovation, and design care are the fundamental characteristics that Elecpins adopted to keep up with the times and meet the different needs in an increasingly mobile-friendly world of consumers looking for smart electronics. Our intent retained the primary traits of the first E-commerce experience. We decided to focus precisely on customer satisfaction, designing and presenting a large and varied catalog that offers different products.

Quality of the products
The Elecpins catalog is constantly updated to offer customers a wide range of all the latest productions on the consumer electronics market.

In our catalog, consumer electronics stand out on the market for their affordable price. All Hot Deals present offers at affordable prices. Our costumers can buy the latest novelties offered by the most important brands that produce small and large appliances without a great financial expense. Washing machines, computers, car electronics are only part of the wide range of products offered by Elecpins. We also supply audio system accessories and home theaters.

The products we offer for sale are original, therefore customers receive with them the applicable guarantees applied by the supplier companies. The products offered by Elecpins are the ones that best meet the needs of contemporary consumers, satisfying their needs and respecting the evaluation parameters of those who decide to buy an appliance, of whatever type it is. We manage to offer the best products which feature functionality, technological excellence, and also aesthetically pleasing.

Customer protection
Elecpins offers the maximum guarantee on the sold products. During the appliance’s warranty period, you can contact the service center without any problems. The members of our team have many years of professional and work experience. Our professionals will promptly process the orders that you place on our site and prepare the package, to guarantee you a quick shipment of the appliance you need.

We want to inspire new customers with our reliability, seriousness, and precision: we give constant attention to the customer’s needs and their demands, including savings. When you purchase the products in the catalog, constant updates will keep you posted on every stage: from pre-purchase notifications to receive advice from industry experts of smart electronics on the best products that suits your needs via our assistance, up to the next post-purchase phase, thanks to our technicians who will dispel any doubts or solve any problems related to the operation of the appliance, whenever necessary.

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